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Rupert Murdoch has told friends that he was shocked when he learned that his private remarks to reporters at his London tabloid The Sun were recorded and leaked to the online journalism site Exaro News. In those remarks, Murdoch stated that paying police for information “was the culture of Fleet Street” (the onetime London newspaper district) and that the official investigations into phone hacking and other alleged abuses by his reporters represented “the biggest inquiry ever over next to nothing.” He also suggested that he had ordered News Corp’s Management and Standards Committee to stop providing investigators information which might incriminate reporters. Exaro reported today (Monday) that Sun editor David Dinsmore has told colleagues that Murdoch, referring to the leak of the recording, said during a telephone call, “I feel hurt by what has happened.” Murdoch reportedly asked Dinsmore who had leaked the tape. According to Exaro, Dinsmore replied that he did not know but that he had his suspicions. Murdoch responded that he felt “betrayed” by his staff. Commented Exaro: “The comment is ironic because journalists on The Sun feel exactly the same way about him after News International handed over to police information that helped identify their confidential sources.”