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Analysts may disagree heatedly about the financial solidity of Netflix, but they have almost unanimously concluded that the streaming service has made some savvy decisions about original content. Its latest series, Orange Is the New Black, which goes online today (Thursday), is drawing many enthusiastic reviews. “The Netflix Show You’ve Been Waiting For,” TV Guide calls it in a headline, noting that the company had renewed the prison “dramedy” for a second season even before the first season debuted — “and it’s likely the company’s confidence will pay off.” Its verdict: “One of the summer’s must-see series.” Robert Bianco in USA Today remarks that if you’re currently a Netflix subscriber, “your membership just became more rewarding.” Los Angeles Times TV critic Mary McNamara refers to the series as “a comedy that is a deceptively ambitious mix of the innovative and the dependable.” And she goes on to praise “the most impressive group of female characters ever assembled in a series.” Even Mike Hale in the New York Times, who does not share the all-out enthusiasm for the show of some of his colleagues, concludes that the “ensemble may be enough reason to spend 12 hours or so at the fictional Litchfield prison, even if the drama occasionally lags.”