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Until a couple of days ago, most box-office analysts were predicting a box-office disaster for Pacific Rim as big as the one wreaked on earth by the special-effects monsters in the movie. But then solid results for the early overseas openings of the movie began rolling in, along with mostly positive reviews of the movie in the U.S. And the forecasters have begun changing their tune. At Deadline.com, Nikki Finke reported early today (Friday) that the film “overperformed” at Thursday-night screenings, earning $3.6 million, while Adam Sandler’s Grown-Ups 2, which some had expected to land in first place over the weekend, took in $2.3 million at the late shows. That, too, was more than expected, and Finke predicted that “another big summer weekend [is] shaping up.” A headline in today’s Hollywood Reporter asks, “Will ‘Pacific Rim’ Surprise Hollywood in Scoring $40 Million-Plus Debut?” (It covers its backside by remarking that “most box-office experts continue to predict a poor outcome for Pacific Rim.”) TheWrap.com now refers to the “sudden momentum” that Pacific Rim now exhibits and quotes “social media-based estimates” as “foretelling an opening that could creep up to $50 million.” But the Los Angeles Times is sticking to the view that the movie will flop with an opening of just $35 million. It, too, is hedging that bet, noting that online ticket seller Fandango is reporting that Pacific Rim is now accounting for 60 percent of sales.