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Both Variety and corporate sibling reported on Monday that Fox News host Greta Van Susteren had urged Fox TV (“not Fox News Channel,” she pointed out) to hire Jay Leno when Leno is replaced by Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s Tonight show in February. In her blog, Van Susteren acknowledged that she does not have the ear of Fox TV executives. “Of course, no one is asking me,” she wrote. Her suggestion has been voiced by other celebrities who have not received similar attention. Indeed, on an appearance on the Tonight show in May, Adam Sandler, remarked to Leno that after he leaves the show he ought to “just take it easy, enjoy, breathe — maybe go to Fox, do a show at 11:00.” Back in March, Steve Pruett, chairman of Fox’s affiliate board, said that he would be open to a Leno show at 11:00 if the network “were to present the right business plan” — meaning a plan for the affiliates to earn more money from a Leno show than they already do from their current line-up of syndicated programming. There have also been suggestions that Leno might be wooed by other broadcast and cable networks. Indeed, Variety itself wondered in a headline last March whether Jeff Zucker, who oversaw Leno’s first (and disastrous) exit from Tonight in 2009 might step in to “make Jay Leno CNN’s New King?” (A reference to the departed CNN host, Larry King.)