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Working on The Daily Show must undoubtedly be one of the happiest jobs on earth. Even the extra-curricular tweets of the show’s writers are often hilarious. Take the reaction of headwriter Tim Carvell to the news that Ben Affleck had been cast as Batman in the forthcoming Batman vs Superman (the unofficial title): “Spend ten years working your way back into everyone’s good graces. Win an Oscar. Then you get cast as Batman, and BAM! You’re Gigli again.” In fact, Carvell’s reaction was typical of hundreds of less funny comments that hit the Web on Thursday following word of Affleck’s casting, many of them referring to his less-than-inspiring performance as another superhero, Daredevil. One person tweeted the New York Post: “Wow, Ben Affleck sure was great in Daredevil. I hope he gets to play ANOTHER superhero!!” — Things no one has ever said.” Headlined Britain’s Guardian: “Ben Affleck Is Batman: Twitter Has a Dark Night.”