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In advance of his Tuesday-night interview with President Obama, Jay Leno opened up about his own political views for the first time during an interview with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC. He compared Russia’s recent crackdown on homosexuals the equivalent of what Germany was doing in 1933. He said that when he interviewed Rick Perry at the time he was leading in the Republican polls that he was “just too narrow-minded for me,” but that when interviewing the Clintons, he realized that “these were great minds at work.” He said that he regarded himself as a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, but backed off when O’Donnell asked him about including political jokes in his monologues. The joke comes first, Leno maintained. “This is what happens,” he quipped. “You start off as a comedian, then you’re a humorist, then you’re a satirist, and then you’re out of show business. … You stay a comedian, and you’ll always work.”