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The Parents Television Council, the organization that has spearheaded numerous campaigns to remove allegedly indecent programming from TV, has fired off a letter to Fox entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly blasting the network’s late-night Animation Domination Hi-Def. The group, headed by Tim Winter, ¬†took particular aim at a segment titled “Scientifically Accurate Ninja Turtles,” which shows the kids characters at one point with huge erect penises. While most of those films may currently be on display only late at night on Sundays, they have also shown up on the Internet and at some multiplexes. In the letter to Reilly, Winter remarks, “there’s no getting around the fact that the online counterpart makes available mind-blowingly explicit parodies of cartoons beloved by millions of children, all without any parental controls or age restrictions whatsoever.” Fox has not responded to the complaint.