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Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp provided Scotland Yard with “reams of documents” to allow police investigators to launch a fishing expedition that they hoped would turn up evidence that reporters at the Sun were hacking into the phones of celebrities the way that their counterparts at corporate sibling News of the World were, Sun reporter Chris Pollard said on Wednesday. “Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation have co-operated with the police investigations into the Sun in an extraordinary way,” Pollard said during a BBC Radio interview one week after being told by police that he is no longer suspected of wrongdoing. He had been arrested one year ago on suspicion of handling stolen goods — based on a memo that he wrote in 2009 after receiving a phone call from a woman who said that she had found a cellphone containing “saucy texts from a married celebrity.” The woman, he said, was never paid and no story resulted from the contact. Police, he said, have now been exploring hundreds of documents that News Corp turned over to them, “and they found no evidence of phone hacking at the Sun. The simple reason is: it never took place there. Everyone knew that before and now it’s official. It simply didn’t happen.”