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With China opening an average of nine new movie theaters every day and now boasting the second-largest box-office market in the world, the country has become a powerhouse in the movie industry. But several filmmakers, speaking to the Xinhua news service at the close of the Toronto Film Festival have remarked that the next step for them is to have their films distributed overseas to compete with Hollywood product. Shan Tam, a Canadian who produced the hit film Finding Mr. Right in Chinese — it topped the Chinese box office for four consecutive weeks in March and April — told the wire service that the cultural barrier is undeniable and that stories that find a wide reception in China can be vastly different from those that work internationally. But Hong Kong director Peter Ho-sun Chan maintained that the Chinese audience’s tastes are shifting from traditional martial arts epics to films that speak about current social issues. “It means that the audience, even the society, has matured to an extent where they like to … look at themselves on the big screen and be able to find answers about life,” he said.