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As for Baggage Claim, critics are suggesting that it will probably end up as lost luggage. It is being excoriated by most critics. Elizabeth Weitzman in the New York Daily News describes it as “fake Tyler Perry” and “a rehash of every rom-com cliché imaginable.” G. Allen Johnson in the San Francisco Chronicle says it’s “so light and brainless you almost expect it to float away.” Peter Howell in the Toronto Star comments that it “feels like something Lucille Ball or Marlo Thomas would have sent to the shredder 50 years ago.” Perhaps the only modestly decent review of the movie comes from Ann Hornaday in the Washington Post, who writes: “There’s so much wrong with Baggage Claim … that it’s all the more surprising when things go right. But it would be unfair to deny that it doesn’t provide its own modest, sometimes outright hilarious, pleasures.”