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Manufacturers of new state-of-the-art TV sets with the built-in capability to connect to the Internet will likely use software from San Francisco-based Cognitive Networks Inc. that will track what viewers are watching and relay that information to marketing firms, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday. The wire service said that Seoul-based LG Electronics has already agreed to include the Cognitive software, while Samsung and Vizio are currently discussing using it. Cognitive chief Michael Collette told Bloomberg that the software could provide manufacturers with annual revenue that would boost the one-time-only amount of around 5 percent that they make on the sale of a TV set, which averages around $4. “The 4 bucks they make on a set, they can at least double with the $5 they may make a year from the new recurring revenue,” Collette told Bloomberg. Similar software by Sony, called Gracenote, may be included in TV sets from other manufacturers, according to Bloomberg.