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Britain’s TV watchdog OFCOM has received more than 150 complaints about a performance by Lady Gaga on the UK edition of The X Factor Sunday night. A spokesperson for the regulator told the Daily Mirror: “There was a high volume of complaints relating to performance, costume and lyrics. We will assess all the complaints received on this issue before deciding whether to investigate.” ITV, which carried the show, said that it had received an additional 60 complaints but maintained, “We do not believe Lady Gaga’s performance was inappropriate for the family audience of the X Factor results show, which has an established tradition of featuring performances from the biggest music stars. Lady Gaga is well known for her highly individual performance style.” Those calling OFCOM to complain cited what the Mirror described as her “nude-colored underwear” as well as the lyrics of her song, which included, “But then you print some s**t that makes me want to scream” and “Do what you want with my body.”