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A Canadian TV commercial launched as part of a campaign to free the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) from political interference has been blasted by the Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition, which describes itself as the largest Italian anti-bias group in North America. The commercial, produced by Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, features a reporter being bound up by a couple of Mafia henchmen and tossed in a trunk after putting questions to an actor who resembles the Canadian prime minister. Noting that the group has no position on the matter addressed in the ad, the Italian American group’s president, Manny Alfano said that “what’s painfully wrong is that Italians are being stereotyped in an ad being broadcast to millions. … How in the world does a group that claims to be a public interest advocate stoop to the irresponsible level of defaming the fifth largest ethnic group in Canada?” Friends of Canadian Broadcasting has not yet responded to the complaint.