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It’s a bit the worse for wear — or neglect, actually — but the original dinosaur cage used in the opening sequence of Jurassic Park has gone on sale on eBay, and there has already been a bid of $90,900.10 (yes, that’s ten cents at the end of the figure) for it — with eight days to go before the auction ends. Inside the 7-foot prop is a velociraptor that was displayed at the premiere of the movie. It, too, needs a bit of a touch-up. In the description of the item, the sellers, Theme Park Connection, put a positive spin on the deterioration, which is evident in the photos that are displayed in the eBay listing: “This set would make for an amazing restoration project. … These treasures will benefit from some attention and TLC, so that future generations will be able to enjoy and marvel at this incredible piece of Hollywood history,” the description says. “This is a very large and heavy prop,” they go on to warn. “Estimated weight is several hundred to one thousand pounds.” Presumably that’s the weight of the cage alone. An actual velociraptor, which roamed the earth during the Jurassic period 75 million years ago, would have weighed only about 30 pounds.