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Eric Reynolds, who is Daniel Clowes’s editor at Fantagraphics Books, doesn’t think much of Shia LaBeouf’s sky-written apology on New Year’s Day. The website BuzzFeed.com recently revealed that LaBeouf plagiarized Clowes’s graphic novel Justin M. Damiano for a short film, HowardCantour.com, that he claimed was an original work. LaBeouf responded with an apology that was itself mostly plagiarized. Reynolds responded to LaBeouf’s latest effort at repentance this way: “I imagine airplane messaging is the norm in Hollywood, but someone really should have informed Mr. LaBeouf that Mr. Clowes lives in the Bay Area before he went to all that trouble.” LaBeouf went on to give an interview via email with BleedingCool.com, which also appears to be mostly plagiarized. But Mike Masnick, the editor of techdirt.com, has sussed out that LaBeouf has all along been making a furtive “plagiarized defense of plagiarism, as well as a condemnation of the state of copyright law today and how it limits forms of expression.” Masnick cites some of the original material LaBeouf employs (without credit) in his defense (“It’s not plagiarism in the digital age — it’s repurposing”), then observes that by doing so, “he’s proving the point. He is creating something new, unique and interesting, even as he’s plagiarizing others.” Oh, and as for that sky-written apology, it appears that one of the messages skywriters are most frequently asked to deliver is, “Sorry. I love you.”