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Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, who was featured on a recent 60 Minutes feature about the “clean technology” industry, has slammed the report, citing numerous errors and misrepresentations. “The pontificators at 60 Minutes, with their agenda-driven bastardization of news reporting, failed to do the most elementary fact checking and source qualification, as was the case with your Benghazi reporting,” he wrote in an open letter to CBS that was posted on Fortune magazine’s website on Tuesday. Khosla’s letter follows a statement released by the Department of Energy, which said, “Simply put, 60 Minutes is flat wrong on the facts.” It, too, cited numerous errors in the 60 Minutes feature, which was fronted by Leslie Stahl. And Khosla makes the point in his letter to CBS: “You falsely implied that our companies have received disproportionate taxpayer money, despite my repeatedly telling you that to the best of our knowledge, a substantial amount of funding (greater than 90%) for our cleantech portfolio has come from private sources. In fact, the former head of the DOE loan program stated publicly that some of the projects cited as failures by CBS never even got loans in the first place.” CBS later responded, “While we respect Mr. Khosla’s view, we are not in agreement with the points he makes about our story, which we began and ended with him and devoted much of to his ideas and to one of the companies he backs.”