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The Big 4 television networks on Monday took their case against the Aereo service to the U.S. Supreme Court, reasserting their claim that the service is stealing their content. Aereo employs tiny antennas that are assigned to individual subscribers who can then access over-the-air broadcasts via the Internet. In a 59-page brief, the broadcasters, ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC, said that a ruling in favor of Aereo “would launch a race by cable and satellite companies to develop competing methods to capture copyrighted content and resell it without paying for the right to do so. That would give broadcasters little choice but to reconsider the quality and quantity of programs they broadcast for free over the air.” The networks are appealing a decision by a lower court to deny their request for a temporary injunction to halt the Aereo service — a decision, they said, that had “created a gaping hole in copyright law that threatens the very existence of broadcast television as we know it.” Aereo’s reply brief is due on Wednesday.