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The third weekend of The Lego Movie single-handedly lifted the box office well above the comparable weekend a year ago, when Identity Thief, then also in its third week, led with $14.02 million. The Lego Movie’s take came in at $31.31 million, more than twice Identity Thief‘s figure, as the box office recorded total ticket sales for the weekend of $113.22 million, versus $103 million a year ago. After eight weeks, total revenue and attendance are both up 4 percent from last year. Two films that opened this weekend arrived fairly lifeless. In second place, Relativity’s 3 Days to Kill opened with a so-so $12.2 million and is probably likely to make back the $30 million that it cost to produce. But Sony’s Pompeii, which debuted with $10.3 million, is likely to suffer the same fate that the Roman city did when Vesuvius erupted. It cost more than $80 million to produce. Likewise RoboCop, with a budget of $100 million will probably leave a crater in MGM and Sony’s finances. In its second week, it earned $9.8 million, to bring its domestic total to $44 million. The third week of The Monuments Men rounded out the top five with $7.9 million, pushing its total to a solid $57.9 million.