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Marking the day that gay marriage became legal in England and Wales, Britain’s Channel 4 on Saturday taped Our Gay Wedding: The Musical, an actual gay wedding produced as a musical written and performed by the two grooms, Benjamin Till and Nathan Taylor. Till has written musicals that have been performed in London’s West End and on network TV, while Taylor has performed in numerous West End shows. Included in the production were 15 musicians, 30 soloists and cameos by several British politicians and other celebrities. The London Daily Mail concluded that “the big day went incredibly smoothly” despite the fact that the happy couple had only a relatively short time to stage the wedding/production. Taylor told the newspaper: “When we sung [sic] our vows to each other, I’m not quite sure how either of us held it together.” Said Till: “‘This is a musical about March 29, which just happens to feature our wedding. That’s really important. It’s a political piece as much as it’s a piece about celebration. It’s also a piece about hope. If, in the UK, we can go, in 50 years, from being second class citizens who were blackmailed and often sent to jail, to being people who are able to get married on TV, then there’s hope for teenagers in Russia, Nigeria, Sudan…’ Added the Daily Mail report: “It’s also a musical that features incredibly catchy songs.” Click here for the Daily Mail‘s full story with photos and videos.