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Nearly 30 years after Orson Welles’s death, his youngest daughter is keeping his reputation as a maverick alive by selling off at auction more than 70 items of his personal possessions, including a personal movie camera, scripts and photos from the set of Citizen Kane. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Beatrice Welles said that she had decided not to turn them over to a museum because she felt that doing so would have been “about the last thing he would’ve wanted.” Textbooks that include discussions of Welles’s work may be required reading at many university film schools in the U.S., but Beatrice Welles told the online trade publication, “He just did not believe in schooling. He did not believe in academic things. … Museums kind of have that connotation, and I thought, ‘No, this is not right for him.'” Perhaps the most interesting items in the collection are two scripts for Welles’s movie The Magnificent Ambersons, each with a different ending, neither of which ended up in the finished film. The sale, due to take place on April 26, is being handled by Heritage Auctions.