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Analysts are hedging their bets over which film will likely be the box-office champ over the Easter weekend. They’re predicting that at least four films will end up with around $20-25 million each. They include the newcomers Transcendence, an artificial-intelligence thriller starring Johnny Depp, and Heaven Is for Real, a faith-based drama starring Greg Kennear that got off to a strong start on Wednesday with $3.7 million, as well as holdovers Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the animated Rio 2. A Haunted House 2, a “horror comedy” is expected to open with around $10-12 million, while the Disneynature documentary Bears is predicted to debut with around $5-8 million. Several box-office pundits are predicting that it’s likely to be another disappointing weekend for Johnny Depp, who’s still being lampooned for his performance as Tonto in The Lone Ranger. Transcendence is receiving mostly scathing reviews. Wrote Box Office Mojo’s Ray Subers: “The movie is enough of a curiosity that it won’t be a complete disaster, but there is a chance it winds up below $20 million.” The film reportedly cost about $100 million to produce. It’s expected to do reasonably well overseas, however, particularly in China, the only place in the world where it is being released in 3D.