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The average price of a 2D movie ticket in Sydney, Australia will top $20 (US$18.56) for the first time this weekend. “Could this be a psychological tipping point?” the Sydney Morning Herald asked rhetorically today (Friday). Alex Temesvari, deputy GM at the Cremorne Orpheum, blamed tougher deals from film distributors. “Even for some art-house or more limited releases, the terms are going up if they’re going through a major distributor,” he told the newspaper. Giant screen and 3D surcharges can add $3-4 to the price of a ticket. In the U.S., the average cost to see a movie is $8.36, but while that price also takes into account 3D and IMAX screenings, it also includes matinees, senior, military, kids pricing, and other discounts. And Benjamin Zeccola, CEO of Australia’s Palace Cinemas, pointed out that even in that country, “If you’re price conscious, there are so many ways to access a cheaper ticket.” As U.S. theater owners do whenever they raise ticket prices, Zeccola added, “It still ends up being the cheapest form of entertainment overall,” an assertion that must be considered debatable, given the much lower cost of home movie rentals and video on demand.