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Quentin Tarantino, who famously shut down preproduction of his Western, The Hateful Eight, after a screenplay of the movie turned up online, is planning to direct a reading of the script in Los Angeles on April 24 being staged by Film Independent, a group that supports independent film. The event, which will take place at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, is being touted as a “special, once-in-a-lifetime event.” It will not be televised or streamed; cameras will be forbidden; and tickets will cost $200 each. At the reading, actors — there names have not been released — will read the dialogue, while Tarantino himself will read stage directions. Tarantino had originally cast Michael Madsen and Bruce Dern in the film, but he named their agents as the most likely culprits who leaked the script in February. He has sued the Gawker website for posting a link to the purloined copy.