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The word “tiger” replaced the racial epithet “nigger” in the nursery rhyme “Eenie Meenie Mynie Moe” so long ago that many young people aren’t even aware that the original word ever existed in the rhyme. Well, at age 54, British TV host Jeremy Clarkson may not have been aware that the original ditty had been purged of the offending word. Clarkson recently appeared in front of the cameras on his Top Gear automotive show, which is seen in moire than 200 countries. Appraising two cars side-by-side, he found them so similar that in an effort to pick the better one, he began reciting “Eeney, Meanie Mynie, Moe.” but when he got to the line, “Catch a nigger by the toe …” he decided to mumble the wounding word. It didn’t work, however. Before the show ever went on the air, it was deleted from the final print. But the outtake managed to escape and a report about it appeared in the London Daily Mirror Tuesday beneath a front-page headline reading, “Clarkson’s N-Word Shame.”