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What could be the death blow to Chet Kanojia’s Aereo service was delivered today (Thursday) by CBS, which said that it will launch its own online service that will allow users to stream CBS TV stations live in the 14 largest U.S. markets. The service, which will cost $5.99 monthly, will also allow subscribers to access thousands of episodes from the network’s current lineup (a day after they are broadcast), previous seasons, and classic series. (The classics will air ad-free.) Initially CBS All Access will be available only for mobile devices running the iOS and Android platforms, but today’s announcement said that the network plans to make it available via other settop boxes and smart-TVs in the coming months. If each of the other broadcast networks follow suit, they would render Aereo irrelevant, although at $6.00 a network, the total cost could be a lot more than what viewers seeking to "cut the cord" may be willing to pay.