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Cameron Crowe, who wrote and directed the 1989 comedy Say Anything has reacted angrily to a report that 20th Century Fox TV is developing a TV series based on his movie. The report, which originally appeared on, said that the TV series would follow the characters’ lives ten years after the events in the movie, which occurred following their high-school graduation. Crowe indicated on Twitter that he had not been consulted about the series and would "have no involvement, except in trying to stop it." Asked on Twitter whether he was involved with the series, John Cusack, who starred in the movie, responded, "Hell no!!" In 2011 Crowe had indicated that he had considered making a theatrical sequel to the movie. I’ve thought about it from time to time, and talked about it with John Cusack once. This is the only story that I’ve thought there might be another chapter to," he told TheWrap. Fans of the movie unanimously expressed their dismay at the prospect of a TV series based on it, summed up by one who Tweeted, "What a terrible idea."