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A committee of Britain’s House of Lords has launched an inquiry into the status of women in news broadcasting following the release of recent studies indicating that while women, particularly younger women, may occupy numerous lower-echelon jobs, they are largely passed over for supervisorial positions and as news anchors, expert guests, and other top editorial positions. In today’s Guardian newspaper, women’s editor Jane Martinson observes that while two septuagenarian British news broadcasters have recently signed new deals with the BBC, there are no septuagenarian women with similar public profiles working for the publicly funded corporation. She asks, "Is it just an age thing? Something about the way women are expected to continue to look young and glam while men who look like walruses or wizened Gollums somehow gain sagacity and experience? Or is the industry, like so many others, putting up barriers to women and their careers both on screen and off long before they reach the seemingly magical age of 50?"