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Just 181,000 total viewers watched the second hour of Anderson Cooper’s AC360 at 9:00 p.m. Monday, the smallest audience for the time period since ratings for the channel began being released in October 1991, according to Of that number just 53,000 were in the 25-54 age group that advertisers covet. It represented the lowest-rated hour in primetime Monday across all cable news channels. CNN’s 9:00 timeslot, once attracted the cable news channel’s highest ratings when it was filled by Larry King Live! It was later filled by Piers Morgan and recently "non fiction programming" on most nights. In one segment on Monday night, Cooper began reading copy for his "Ridiculist" feature about an annoying co-worker who burned a foul-smelling candle in his office, then realized that the copy was about himself. "Really, this is what the ‘Ridiculist’ is about tonight?" over footage of the candle in his office. "I should have read it ahead of time." A graphic then appeared saying that the candle smells like, among other things, "Grandma’s house. Italian salad. (It does contain basil.) Woodstock vomit. and Garden gnome’s underwear drawer." "You’re all in trouble," Cooper laughed.