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Exactly 22 years ago this month we launched Studio Briefing as a fax service primarily intended for members of the film and TV industries. Three months later we debuted on the old Delphi Internet service, at about the same time that it was purchased by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, thereby making us the first online entertainment news service. Our goal then, as now, was to compress news about events and issues affecting the entertainment industry into a compelling daily digest ­ a kind of text-based "newscast," if you will, about the industry, sourced from dozens of publications.

We eventually syndicated Studio Briefing to just about every pertinent Internet portal ­ Delphi, CompuServe, AOL, Prodigy, [Los Angeles] TimesLink, Hollywood Online, ShowbizData, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), among others. (All of these offered our SB items individually; email subscribers got an early original draft of all the items combined.)

Now, all of those portals are either gone. a shadow of their former selves, or, like IMDb, have become freebooters that simply snatch the first paragraphs from other entertainment news sites and aggregate them on their own without paying anyone anything (save for a link to the originating site).

One of our last website clients folded at the end of October, raising questions about the continued viability of Studio Briefing. We cannot continue to operate solely on revenue from our current list of subscribers and small websites.

We have therefore decided to take a two-month pause beginning on Monday, November 17 to rethink our business model and seek advice about how to continue ­ or whether to continue at all. During this period we shall be providing our readers Studio Briefing Alerts! about events of major interest and we shall continue producing our review of movie reviews on Fridays.

If you currently subscribe to Studio Briefing via automatic payments through PayPal, please cancel them. If we decide to shut down completely in January, we will issue pro-rated refunds on all subscriptions with more than two months remaining on them.

Finally, we want to thank you for your loyalty over the years. Some of our current subscribers signed up when we launched in 1992, and to them we want to extend our special gratitude.

The past 22 years have produced some spectacular changes in the entertainment industry, and we have been thrilled to be stationed at the sidelines reporting and commenting on them.

We aim to return!